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14 October 2021


“We were searching for these trendy cross back chairs for months when we stumbled across these beauties from Papashop. Not only are they effortlessly stylish but they are also comfortable, super practical and our clients absolutely love them! They blend seamlessly with the tipis and we love their versatility…suiting all themes whether it’s a rustic woodland wedding or a glamorous party!

After doing our research and pricing up different options, we were also surprised by the value of these chairs without compromising on the quality of the product.

Top product and top people to deal with!”

Jamie (Serentipi)

There are so many event furnishings for the rental market. It’s hard to distinguish between them! So today I look at what inspired us here at PapaShop to offer our own event products.


Our sister company is PapaKata, the UK’s largest provider of Tentipi Tipis and sole provider of Sperry Tents.

PapaKata’s proactive approach to sourcing event furnishings has contributed to their reputation as a leading temporary events company. It was no cakewalk at times! But ultimately the tussles with designs and supply chains led to trend-setting solutions that PapaKata wanted to share.

And so PapaShop was founded, with each event furnishing telling its own story…


Problems faced:

– Coir/Coconut Matting is a natural colour. However it is very heavy when wet, absorbs stains and odours, and gets sun-spots.

– Traditional Polypropylene Matting is washable, durable and non absorbant.  However, it comes in unnatural & undesirable colour palettes, with unreliable supply chains.

PapaShop’s Solution? PapaFlex Event Matting; practical, durable and robust polypropylene mats. Available in natural-looking, desirable colour palettes. With short lead times!


Problems faced: chair quality, features and pricing can be inconsistent. It’s also expensive to buy both rattan and seat pad chairs.

PapaShop’s Solution? Our Oak Crossback Chairs; available with an interchangeable rattan and cushion seat pad! Developed with a regular supplier. Also Stackable.


Problem faced: supply chains are inconsistent.

PapaShop’s Solution? Refurbished Oak Barrels; authentic barrels from a regular supplier!


Problems faced: having either power hungry traditional filaments or low quality LED bulbs. Both with fragile strand connections too.

PapaShop’s Solution? Our LED Festoon Lights; dimmable, shatterproof LED ‘filament’ bulbs, along with robust strands from a regular supplier! (Currently lighting up Thors tipi bars across the UK)


Problem faced: no fires allowed inside marquees/stretch tents/sperry tents/traditional pole tents.

PapaShop’s Solution? Our Outdoor Firepit!


Problem faced: shepherd crooks are too small to make a big entrance and too accessible to hang lighting on

PapaShop’s Solution? Our Giant Shepherd Crooks!

On top of all our event furnishing solutions, we offer the added benefit of our experience in the rental market. Namely sizing/quantity guidance, installation advice, return on investment calculations and storage and transportation tips. And a deposit requirement of just 10%!


In summary, we aren’t just churning out the latest must-have product at PapaShop. Our aim is to identify missing/frustrating product designs/supply chains in the events industry. Then deliver simple, great, affordable solutions. In short, we try to make the events industry a better place with event furnishings that delight our customers, and in turn, amaze theirs.

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