14 October 2021



Marquee matting was traditionally coconut matting (also called coir matting).

Coconut mats are made from the woven raw fibres of coconut husks. They retain their naurtural colouring, which used to suit outdoor events perfectly. They simply blended in seamlessly with the greens and browns outside.

However, this traditional marquee matting has some serious drawbacks.

  • It absorbs water, so is extremely heavy when wet.
  • The natural fibres break/wear out, especially when wet.
  • Coir matting is not UV resistant, so it gets sunspots over time.
  • It absorbs stains and odours, which are not easy to remove.
  • The natural fibres are very course to handle.

Marquee flooring now comes in many options to suit every outdoor celebration and style. Many rental companies offer carpet in assorted colours, for weddings, or to match corporate colours. There are hard floors for rustic occasions and dancefloors in every shape and colour…

The direct replacement for coconut matting though is polypropylene matting. This marquee matting achieves a perfect balance of formal and informal. Woven from plastic polypropylene strands, it complements almost any outdoor event. It is now standard stock for event companies.

Polypropylene advantages over coconut/coir matting are:

  • The man-made fibres are stronger than natural coconut fibres. So polypropylene mats last longer and remain in better condition than coir mats.
  • Plastic doesn’t absorb water, so polypropylene mats don’t become as heavy as wet coconut matting. This makes them far easier to handle on wet builds or breakdowns.
  • Polypropylene is UV resistant so doesn’t fade in sunlight. Again, this gives it a longer lifecycle than coconut matting.

PapaFlex is a unique polypropylene matting by Event Shed. Uniquely, it purposefully mimics the look of natural fibres, with a subtle fleck running though it.

Sand is the original PapaFlex colour. It is a warm, lighter and brighter colour than traditional coir marquee matting. Sand PapaFlex suits the warm canvases of cream marquees and stretch tents, tipis, sperry and sailcloth Tents.

“I love the PapaFlex, I tell everyone we chose the best out there, it definitely makes the Tipis nice and light.” Sonja, Big Day Event Tipis.

Pebble is the newest colour you can buy, slightly cooler than Sand. PapaFlex Pebble tends to suit white marquees and silver stretch tents.

PapaFlex isn’t just about colour though.

  • The twisted polypropylene strands make it more durable than other leading polypropylene brands.
  • It is available in 2 weave patterns, linen and herringbone.
  • And it comes in bespoke sizes.

Finally, we’ll leave you with some fabulous photos from past customers who are using PapaFlex matting for their marquee and stretch tent events…

PapaFlex in Summer stretch tent by Flexitent
PapaFlex in a summer stretch tent, by Flexitent

PapaFlex Linen Sand in large stretch tent by Flexitent
PapaFlex Linen Sand in a large stretch tent, by Flexitent

Herringbone PapaFlex Sand in marquee by Up Marquees
Herringbone PapaFlex Sand in a marquee, by Up Marquees

PapaFlex in evening stretch tent by Flexitent
PapaFlex in an evening stretch tent, by Flexitent


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